Lauren Sevian 
Pianist for Lauren Sevian
Domi of Domi & JD Beck
Lakecia Benjamin with jacket
Lakecia Benjamin with out jacket
Branford Marsalis
Camille Thurman on Sax
When she played the Sax I hoped she wouldn't Sing
So much talent
Camille Thurman Sings
When she sang I hoped she wouldn't play the Sax
So much talent
Camille's Trumpet Player
Bobby Watson and Christian McBride
Bobby Watson 
Just Awesome!
Bobby Watson
Charles Lloyd
Orrin Evans! A personal favorite!
Ingrid Jensen Trumpet
Orrin Evans and his Behind the Red Door band!
Jon Batiste
Christian McBride giving a hands on lesson to Mathew Whitaker's bass player
Mathew Whitaker
Bill Charlap
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller grooving
Joshua Redman
Brian Blades
Dianna Krall
Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock and his Keytar

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